About Me … She Narrates Her Own Life

This is the blog where I am narrating my own life.  Taking hold of the journey, the good, the wonderful, the darker, the unknown and chatting  about it.  I am very honest about my life, I question things a lot, I particularly like to do this with friends over a hot chocolate.

Years ago I studied teaching, drama teaching.  I loved to write, take photos, my 20’s were wonderful years.  Somehow I ended up working in schools but within the administration area. I became this very serious and responsible young person.  Oh and highly organised.  In my 30’s I married. Had two amazing children but lost myself a bit in motherhood. I moved to the outer eastern suburbs in the beautiful Yarra Valley but it was far from what I knew of the inner suburbs and the life I had in my 20’s.  I worked, raised children and ran my own online business.

Mid 30’s I became a single mum and had to juggle part time work with the weekly care of my children.  I floated between wanting to move back to the inner suburbs (not that I could  afford it) or moving to the country where I thought I would have french doors that opened to a big garden, a huge table and all my friends would visit and eat beautiful food at my table.  ( Need to mention here I am not a good cook)

By my early 40’s I felt a bit lost. I swung back and forth from just wanting to be a creative arty person to having to go to my admin job and be the responsible mum.  This year I have started to find balance.  I make sure I find the time for the things I love:
Daily hot chocolates
Finding a good market
Crafting with old books and beautiful papers – making book sculptures
Spending time with my children
Discovering hidden gems in Melbourne City
Visiting friends in the country

Yesterday a friend reminded me that we have only lived 20 years of our adult life.  We don’t have to have it perfect yet. We don’t have to work out where our story is going.. not yet. There are still many years to make sure we find the balance, enjoy the journey, rediscover love, enjoy the things we are passionate about.  I am beginning to feel that I still have many years to find my country cottage with french doors . (and maybe a small apartment in the lane ways of Melbourne).

Join me while I continue to narrate my own life



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