I have found the Answer

Melbourne city
Melbourne city

I have found the answer. It came to me in the way of an article from The Age. I have always wondered which area suits me best for living purposes.  The city? With the people, the cafes, the smells, shops, lane ways, buskers.  Everything with in such an easy reach. Just so much life.

The city laneways were buzzing (2)

Or do I desire the peace of the country? Yes I can see myself living in the country.  My place would have a huge wooden table, it would be the center of the house. French doors would open to outside. Friends would visit and sit around the table, eating beautiful bread, cheese and drinking wine.

Is it possible to have both?  I have often wondered this. But in reality you probably need a bit of money to have the city apartment and the country house.

But yesterday The Age ran this amazing article by Pauline Morrissey, titled the hidden houses of New York. There I saw pictures of country cabins sitting high in New York on top of a block of flats.  Oh so perfect. But wait, go for a stroll and discover the english inspired secret world behind the gate in the Upper East side.  How simply amazing to have the two worlds collide so perfectly.  I think, this is how to have it all. Now to find my tall building to develop my country house. I will meet you there for wine and dinner soon.

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