Sometimes you are forced to slow down


My life has been busy. I hate saying that. I read recently that we measure our worth by saying how busy we are. We think we are more important if we are able to complain about the busy, crazy lives that we live.  Maybe life has not been busy but perhaps more that is has been totally out of routine.

Term 2 holidays. I had just come out of three weeks of school holidays where I juggle being mum, full time worker, social organiser etc.  I love the school holidays, but I hate the fact that I juggle work and children.  I feel guilty about taking time from work, leaving early, I feel like I spend 3 weeks of not working full days.  Then I have mother guilt.  I am dropping the kids to other people for them to entertain, I rush them out the doors in the morning, little time for them to relax and I only get one or two days to actually spend with them per week in the holidays.

But as we always do, we got through.  Then my dad arrived to stay with us. He lives overseas and returns every couple of years.  The stay ended up being about 6 weeks.  I gave up my room and camped in with my daughter.  Four of us shuffled about, sharing one bathroom, living space, tv etc.  Generations trying to get along.  He had deteriorated mentally and physically since I last saw him. The shock was over whelming.  I was tired after the school holiday circus and then to have an extra person in the house who does little for themselves, well it added to the tiredness.

So here we are. Two weeks to the school holiday circus commences again.  Dad leaves tomorrow and life will fall into routine once again.  Take a deep breath.  I obviously needed to slow down and for this week it has been forced upon me. My youngest is now sick with flu.  Temperatures and pain.  The last two days have been lounging on the couch, the two of us.  Naps, movies, reading… And even though it becomes another juggle, worry about a sick child, will the older one be sick now for exams, what about all my responsibilities at work? But in this case I can do nothing.  I have to slow down, be here for her, serve chicken soup, ginger beer and just be mum for the next few days.

Sometimes you are forced to slow down, and I don’t think that is such a bad thing to happen.

to mind,

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