Closing one door and opening the next


Six or so years.  Yes it has been about that long.  I had a small business.  The dream was to one day have a shop.  Have you seen Mr Magorium’s Wonderful Emporium?  It is the most magical movie about the best toy shop.  Yep, that was the shop I was going to have… magic and all.

However my lovely little on line business never really raised enough money to make this dream  become reality.  Six years ago, not many places sold wooden toys, today they are cheaply available at all the big chain stores and they are lovely.  So I have had a facebook business page, sitting alone, unused for about the last six months. I just could not bring myself to say, that journey was at an end, my toy shop was not going to happen.

But, other interests have slowly taken over. Mindfulness, creativity, books, paper… oh yes paper.  As much as I have always loved beautiful toys, I have also loved paper and stationary.  So over the last few months some things have combined.  I have been creating again.  Something I had little time for when I was trying to run an online business.  I have been using books, paper, folding, making, designing, creating.  This new creativity is not a business, not yet. I  started this weekend to take the items I had made to a couple of markets but I am not doing this adventure for the outcome of a shop. No, I am doing it to feel creative again.  To feel mindful, balanced and not so structured, organised and responsible.  After two days at markets, surrounded by creative types I have come home, officially renamed my old online business facebook page and made the move to open the new door.

I do hope that any of you, who are staring at the need to close one door and open the next, find the courage to do just that.  Now that I have opened that new door I look forward to seeing what is inside!