Hello Weekend

Hello Weekend

3.45 pm. Saturday afternoon. There is nearly silence.  Only the hum of the heater or the occasional tweet of a bird from outside filters into my hearing.  The children are not home and the animals have realized I am not going to give them attention and have gone to find somewhere to sleep for the afternoon.  The sun is beginning to cast long shadows across my desk and my hands as I type.  There is no warmth left in the sun this afternoon.

Another Saturday almost closed.  There have been half a year of Saturdays already. Where have they gone too?  What did I do with them all?

Weekends come and go so fast.  Sometimes so much expectation is placed on the two days. Will I go out? Catch up with friends? Laze about at home? Spend the day on a craft project?  However, more often then not, a large part of the weekend is filled with chores, cleaning, washing, cooking, shopping – all in preparation for the next 5 week days ahead.

I find it hard to throw routine out the window, to allow myself to  say, “not today, today I will let the dirty laundry pile around me, let the carpets be not swept, the dishes not done”.  To give my self permission to bury myself in the delight of a book for a day, the inspiration of craft making for uninterrupted hours. Nope, not me.  I find it hard to relax into the joys of creation if the house is still a mess around me.

So half a year of Saturdays have played out pretty much the same, weekend after weekend.  Chores and then fun.  Mind you the chores can sometimes  take up till noon. But the afternoons then become the time to relax, drive to the hills, meet up with friends, discover a market, take an adventure with the children.  Or spend the day in, making and reading. It has been a happy pattern, comfortable like an old jumper that fits your shape just right.

How do you spend your weekends?  A day of sport?  Running from one sport event to the other?  In the company of friends or family?  Are you weekends often planned out, or spontaneous?  

I don’t think it matters how you spend them.  In a social whirl wind, or time of solitude, planned or unplanned.  It is a break from the 5 days of work.  The possibility of the unknown hours.  A time to revitalise.  Half a year of Saturdays.  Just gone…… I wonder how the next half will play out?

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